How to Earn Money From star Click

If you are planning to earn money online in Nepal or another country, by the information I will share some info about "How to Earn Money From star Click"

How to Earn Money From star Click

The Star-Click site is the best and most popular site for you to make money online. You can find simply way your pocket money by registering on this website for free. It is important to take note that despite the fact that you join for nothing out of pocket for this, the money you will get will be exceptionally high than other PTC sites.

How to Earn Money From star Click

Star Clicks is a website that permits you to earn money online by viewing ads Daily use is very limited because a maximum of 5 to 15 minutes a day is required and is totally free.

As a publisher, you can earn money. Furthermore, as an advertiser, you can promote your sites to direct people to your site and boost SEO execution by putting advertisements on the Star-Clicks platform.

Some Account Features

Star-Clicks is an incredible platform particularly for new users to earn some money. You can continue with the Silver one if you are a beginner. Earn Money From star Click by viewing ads Daily use is very limited because a maximum of 5 to 15 minutes a day is required and is totally free.

  1. Skills Require - No need for extra skills required in order to join the site.
  2. Earning - Ads are provided every day in your account, so make sure you come back every 24 hrs and click daily. Especially if you are a member of GOLD / PLATINUM, you can earn between $ 5 and $ 10 a day.
  3. Memberships - There are 3 types of memberships (Silver, Gold, and Platinum). New members are automatically Silver membership if you are a beginner. Other memberships provide different benefits. 
  4. Minimum Per click Rate- You earn when you click an ad. You may get paid more than $0.01 per ad.
  5. Referral - There is a link section for referrals to send to invite and a part that shows the report of referrals activity. 3 types of referrals program, Sliver Membership -0.8$, Gold membership - 5$, and Platinum membership -10$.

Daily the primary page shows the number of links there are. The site is clear and basic, on the left, there is a menu with the different areas and in the middle, there is the operating panel.

Withdraw in Star Clicks

Exactly when you reach at min 50$ you can ask the withdrawal and pick the ideal desired including PayPal and bank move.

There is a phenomenal section in the left menu with the name balance move. You can moreover set an auto-pay that can be temporal or amount.

Additionally, you can use your procured bucks to buy a membership once you reach the stipulated money. If you never acquired it on the internet, then there can’t be any better beginner-friendly Step than Star-Clicks. 

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