How To Start A Blog In 2023 || Simple Step-by-Step Guide

Today in this article I will guide you with some helpful hints for starting a blog.  Is it true that you are searching for a free, simple, Step by Step guide on guide on how to start a blog in 2023?

Here in this post, I will discuss how to start a blog in Nepal. If you are interested to begin writing for a blog, at that point your feet are in the correct spot at the ideal time. After you get some ideas about blogging on Blogger platform.

Start a Blog In 2023 Easy Step-by-Step Guide

Everyone has their own expectations in starting an adding to a blog, a few people open sites to bring in some cash monthly from blogs as easy revenue, few people like to educate what they know and few people like to compose articles.

What is  Blogger ??

Blogger is a blogging platform provided by Google. Here anybody with Google record can make a blog and begin sharing their thoughts and information. Basically, a blog is a diary, which exposes clear ideas about the view,  research, report, presentation, and description, etc. So forth Beginning a blog is the most ideal approach to share your thought and ability on the web or clarify your online business. It's an incredible instrument to advance your own image or business.

In the current context, there is many millions client of the blog.  Each business college and the school have its own blog webpage present themself. Most people still don't know, how to begin writing for a blog and how to make this account. Despite being an IT thing, there are various ways to deal with the make and run of this record. We have made this site to help the new customer by distributing substance to a blog. It is maybe the best ways to share your activities to the remainder of the world.

How to Create a Blog?

Moreover, I have mentioned here step by step process of blogging. Please do follow it. Learn how to create a blog in about 10 minutes following these steps:
  1. Pick a blog name.- The first step to finding a good name for your blog is choosing your topic. (exp. Earn Nepal)
  2. Get your blog .- Register your blog ( or  
  3. Customize your blog.- Choose a free blog design Template and pick one. 
  4. Write & publish your first post.- Now that your blog is up and running it’s time to actually do some blogging! Let’s create your first piece of content. 
  5. Promote your blog. -Get more people to read your blog. 

Create a Blog Step-by-Step Guide

Here are the  Full steps to create a blogger account. 

Let’s start - 

1. Visit the link to Open Blogger in your browser.

2. You will find a button in the center of the screen, “Create your Blog”. On clicking the button it will instant you to sign in with the use of your Google account.

3. Further, you need to Sign in with your Google account to use Blogger. Keep the standard procedure to sign in or make another account in case you don't have one starting now.

4. Since you have signed into Blogger, it will take you to make a blog. A window will pop up mentioning that you make another blog and add a title with a limitation of 100 characters. Enter the title and click next.

5. The Next Step, will induce you to make an address with the sub-domain You need to enter a unique address of your choice and click the next bottom. This will be your URL address.

6. After you choose an address for your blog, you have to choose a Display name limited to 200 words and click finish.

7. Your Blogger account will be prepared and you will be taken to Blogger Page. From this page, you can click "View Your Blog" to see how your blog appears to others.

8. Create your first post: 
  • Click the button New post
  • Type a title of your post in the box
  • Type up a post in the post field blew the post pox

Finishing Your Post
, When you finalize and customize your post, click the Publish button. Your post is now published on your blog. 

Additionally, I hope with this guide you can successfully create a Blog. Have any questions regarding the Blog creation process? or How To Start A Blog In 2021 || Easy Step-by-Step Guide. 

Feel free to ask me via the comments section!
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