How to Make Money On Tsu??

Tsu, the social network that shares ad revenue with users of original content. Everybody is discussing the new paid social media app or site TSU. However, what people are not talking about as much is the way to bring in some money on the app and quick. That is the reason I am writing this article to give you all some extraordinary tips for "How to Make Money On Tsu".

Most importantly be active on the App or site. The more you post every day the more points of view and money you will make. If you post incredible and original or unique content tell people to help you if they genuinely love it. Having people click backing will bring in significantly more money.

What is TSU?

Starting late another Social Network called Tsusocial is a free social media payment platform. The charming thing about Tsu will be Tsu sharing its ad revenue with users. As it's been said, they just keep 10% of income and the rest will be imparted to the users. Tsu is new however as of now lots of people have gotten together with it. Tsu will make a significant test to other Social media platforms, for example, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Tsu will share the ad revenue (around 50% up) made by your original content and there are some other pay prospects as well. So basically in case you are a content writer this social media platform will be your "friend" and genuinely, repays half of the ad revenue pay to you. This is the most gallant lead between social media platforms. In fact, even Youtube pays simply a little proportion of this. 

Regardless, if you simply glance through the posts and don't make any content, you shouldn't by and large envision a significant compensation. Simply if you have invited various users during this time. However, in case you are not here to make money, basically use an even more reasonable Instagram alternative, you can in any case uphold your number one influencers, most adored channels with your thought.

At the moment the only way you can join Tsu via invites. If you feel to join with Tsu and earn some money click Here!!!

Download: TSU - Social That Pays

The App is only for Android or iOS. If you don't have such gadgets, the BlueStacks Android emulator will help you.

App Name: TSU- Social That Pays

For Android app from Google Play Store =>

For iOs from the APP store =>

How can I earn money on TSU?

Most likely On Tsu, there are mainly 2 methods to earn money. Let's Start !!

  • Method -1: Inviting New people
On Tsu, Users their all content and their Network which you can build up your own reference tree by methods for inviting new people to the Network. Accordingly, if any users went to the stage by methods for a user's invitation, by then the inviter will get a piece of the money from as of late invited individuals and from their social network (referral network) on Tsu. Exactly what you need to do is invite friends to join Tsu under your reference code.

  • Method -2: Post viewed by other users

Other than inviting people you can earn money on Tsu. when your post been seen by different users. Suppose, If you have posted some picture and it has been seen by some other users and that post makes monetary issues at any rate advancement is served near to that post which is pay. In case the user enjoyed or shared your post, you will get some extra procuring for that as well.

Withdraw Process

Right when you appeared at the minimum payment threshold, you can visit the Bank menu on Tsu at that point on ' Reclaim' and continue to the redemption screen to finish their reclamation request. After the redemption request is completed, they will do some verification on your network, your information, your activity, etc. and once you pass through it they will send the check to the address you have given.

I have quite recently been on the site for about a month and as of now am bringing in lovely simple money every day. What's more, despite the fact that it may not be a lot of money to a few. . It is much more than what Facebook ever paid me to post. So if you value posting by means of social media at any rate you should bring in some cash doing it on TSU.

So What you are waiting for?. We should stop making Facebook rich and try to make some money ourselves doing similar practices you do on Facebook. 

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